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candidate of economic science,
senior staff scientist

I. Scientific work 1979-1999 - co-author of three monographies concerning optimum development of economy of Ukraine. She is an Author of more than 100 articles about problems of development of economy, denationalization and privatization, government and regulation, implementation of administrative reform in Ukraine and the international activity of our country. II. State activity

1997-1998 - member of the committee commission of Fund of the State property of Ukraine on sale of a share holding of the enterprises of national economy.
1995-1998 - work in the committee of the Cabinet Council of Ukraine on development of the bill "About state government object management".
1995-1996 - Member of the committee of the Cabinet Council of Ukraine on development of the bill "About management of public sector of economy".
- member of group of the Cabinet Council on development of the status of Antimonopoly committee and adjustments into the Law "About Antimonopoly committee".

III. Cultural activity

1998-1999 - she has developed the project of a musical complex of Borys Gmyria in Kiev.
- main consultant of movie Borys Hmyria in cycle Selected by time, UTN, director Nikolay Maschenko.
1990 - 2000 - co-author of many broadcasts and telecasts.
1998-2001 - she has edited monographic editions: "Hmyria and Shostakovych" and "Vera Hmyria" (350 pages);
2000-2001 - she has released eight compact discs with records of singing of B.Hmyria by the instrumentality of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Anatoly Matvienko and Central Administrative Board of the Kiev City State Administration;
- Has inherited the well-known Borys Hmyria's big spiritual treasury. She is an author of a photoalbum-calendar "Borys Hmyria - 1997", published with assistance of fund "Revival" and an autor of collection of notes "Romances and the Ukrainian national songs from Borys Hmyria's repertoir" ("Musical Ukraine", 2003)
1993 - she has headed Borys Hmyria's Ukrainian-Canadian fund.
1980 - 1999 - she has published 105 scientific-art articles.
- she has prepared for printing monography "Boris Gmyrja: articles, diaries, letters, memoirs" in co-authorship with the wife of the singer Vera Hmyria, (15 sheets), which has been published in 1988, in Moscow, publishing house "Music".

IV. Civil position

1991-1999 - she has written 28 articles about protection of independence and the sovereignty of Ukraine, its history and culture.
1998 - article "New Ukraine or a new colony?" and some of problems of development of national economy in conditions of crisis is placed on the Internet.
1992 - she stood for the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine on election district #174 (Zakarpattya, Tjachiv).
1979 - september-october - she has refused to be the secret agent of KGB of the USSR, it had negative consequences in scientific and production activity.
1996-1999 - member of Democratic party of Ukraine, an analyst.

V. International activity

1992 - Trip to Canada for lecturing:

- "Geniuses of Ukraine in conditions of the blocked culture" (Expression of Lina Kostenko);
- "Problems of national economy of Ukraine in conditions of independence".

G.Prints's meeting with the community of Toronto (1992)
Lecture in university of Ottawa (1992)

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